Data Visualisation - Create Context From Data

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About Challenge:

Our businesses process large volumes of data which comes in many different formats and from a wide variety of sources. Colleagues want to make informed business decisions from data, but it can often be difficult to make sense of it, to use it in a different way, and to drive business value from it. We challenge you to produce a proof of concept that enables multiple, rapid visualizations of data ( structured or unstructured ) to help a user uncover hidden insight. The visualizations on the data should provide insight without knowing the underlying context ( e.g. pricing data, client data, trade data, balance sheet data, etc. ). It may help you to assume the data set is in a CSV format. Suggested Technology Focus: Data Storage: Google Cloud Platform, Visualisation tool: Tableau / Data Studio / Qlikview The event will be held in three places: 1) Sector 21, Gurugram, NCR Delhi, Haryana, 2) TBD - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and 3) ONE RAFFLES QUAY - Singapore

Eligibility Criteria
Prior knowledge of the technologies, Worked with Capital markets, ROC/Singapore registered entity - at least 6 months old
Chennai,Gurgaon, Singapore