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Sutherland is a global digital transformation, BPO and IT services company. We have the privilege to serve some of the world’s leading companies and governments in the areas of customer experience management, analytics, digital transformation, F&A, supply chain, IT, etc. We are looking to partner with innovative technology companies that can help companies and governments weather the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis that will likely affect businesses for the next 12 to 24 months. Specifically, we are looking for companies that: 1. Enable companies to allow their employees to work productively at home 2. Help digitize their operations 3. Digitize their entire businesses, i.e. provide a “digital-business-in-a-box” solution. For example, there are platforms that can help brick-and-mortar retailers tap into eCommerce quickly and easily. Other examples include companies that enable digital banking, food delivery, etc. We would welcome a detailed brief about your platforms and solutions, an

Eligibility Criteria
We prefer to work with companies that have a market ready product, and just need a strong partner with the sales and marketing muscle to scale globally.