Digital Interactions in Commercial Bank

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About Challenge:

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is one of the largest financial institutions in the US. Our commercial banking division serves largely middle market clients. Typically, client-interaction is through in-person meetings where our bankers listen and share ideas to support clients’ business goals. Due to COVID impact, the in-person interaction has been minimized. As a result, our ability to build strong relationships with clients may be diminished. We are looking for solutions that can help improve remote interactions that are safer, resilient and cost-effective. The interactions through multiple channels must improve our ability to build client relationships. The solution could include a robust & cost-effective infrastructure that enables interaction with clients including 1-on-1, multiple people, location conferences, real-time interactions, etc. It must be secure and easy to use for both clients and the bank. The shortlisted startups will be paid for the POC.

Big Data & Analytics,Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR),FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI):Chatbots,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Computer Vision,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Financial Services,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Machine Learning,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Marketing,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Natural Language Processing (NLP),Artificial Intelligence (AI):Platform,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Predictive Analytics,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Robotic Process Automation,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Sales,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Security,Artificial Intelligence (AI):Smart Robots
Financial Services
Eligibility Criteria
(A) Shortlisted entries would need to demonstrate a working prototype that can be piloted for effectiveness and scalability. (B) The shortlisted solution should have security features/certifications relevant to the banking industry.