Customer Data & Analytics Solutions to drive Omnichannel Marketing - for a large established insurance company

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A large established insurance company with over 4.5 million customers in the UK who have varying user-profiles and insurance requirements; the client seeks to engage with these customers in a personalised and meaningful manner. To achieve this, they have and are continuing to build advanced customer segmentation, demographic and needs analysis models, with campaigns executed through a robust campaign execution tool. The specific area where the client is looking for support is in automating the connections between the current segmentation and analytical models to their campaign execution tool, enabling an always-on, relevant communication and intervention strategy. To assist the vendor with this opportunity, the client will provide test data pools from which the successful vendor can base their proof of value.

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Eligibility Criteria
Mature stage solutions ready for enterprise level deployment. Notes: This proof of value is being sponsored by the business unit director and has been endorsed by the relevant internal support functions, including IT and Procurement. Successful applicants will be invited to a remote demonstration of their product with the client. When responding to this RfI, please provide relevant and specific information, including a Video based response of no longer than 5 minutes describing why the Client should consider your proposition. Similar RfI responses have taken applicants between 15-30 minutes.
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