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Project Amplify is a joint initiative by Microsoft and Accenture to help deepen the reach of entrepreneurs and startups that are focused on social impact and sustainability. The program provides hands-on support and technologies to social enterprises, helping them build scalable solutions and business models that can lead to more tangible and lasting benefits for a greater number of people around the world. Qualifying startups will also be given the opportunity to be a part of Microsoft’s Global Social Entrepreneurship program (GSEP), if they meet the GSEP eligibility criteria. (Note* - Post completing this application, please complete at least 80% of your GrowthEnabler profile. Growth Enabler's scoring algorithm will contribute to our assessment of the candidates) (Note* - Growth Enabler is compatible with Chrome/Safari) Microsoft Privacy Statement:

GreenTech/CleanTech:Carbon Management,GreenTech/CleanTech:Clean Energy,GreenTech/CleanTech:Clean Technology IT,GreenTech/CleanTech:Waste Management,GreenTech/CleanTech:Water Solutions
Agriculture,Education & Training,Energy & Utilities,Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals,Other
Eligibility Criteria
Social enterprises/startups addressing critical societal/ sustainability problems through innovative technology solutions. Applicants must have high social impact and wide reach. Applicants must be working in the domains of Agriculture, Healthcare, Sustainability, Education & Skilling. - Open to NGOs, Non-Profits and Startups that have a dedicated technology team.
Philippines,Bangladesh,Singapore,Japan,Sri Lanka,Cambodia,Nepal,Australia,New Zealand