Track & Trace for CPG/FMCG

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Diageo is looking for Tracking solutions across its entire supply chain process. The objective is to track the product at each step of product lifestyle and trace the history right from raw material to end consumer. Due to industry nuance there are two sub parts to this journey. Forward traceability – from raw material till finished alcohol bottles where the journey is within the company supply chain Reverse traceability – where the bottles from the finished goods stage traverse to end consumers with no information flowing back. However wrt consumer led interactions or audits we can get sampled data in.

Artificial Intelligence (AI),Big Data & Analytics,Consumer Apps,Enterprise Apps,Blockchain,Cyber Security,Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR),Internet of Things (IoT),Robotics,RetailTech,GreenTech/CleanTech,LogisticsTech,FoodTech
Consumer Packaged Goods,Manufacturing
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Prior experience in Track and trace