Diageo : Consumer AR Experience for Alco-Bev (CPG)

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About Challenge:

Diageo is building to deliver a great consumer experience while interacting with individual bottles. The individual bottle code brings a unique flavor of personalization or aggregate personalization as compared to other generic marketing activities. Use cases: 1.Personalized product story- Consumer interacts with the bottle (via QR code/NFC/printed electronics/ etc) and gets to know the product story. The product story itself can be personalized at the aggregate level. For e.g., flavor-wise (each flavor note unique story, etc), source of grain-wise (each grain area, etc), process-wise ( 12 yr/18yr), etc. 2. Personalized User input- Consumer interacts with the bottle and shares the individual data/message that is unique to that bottle purchased. The data/message is then shared with individual/set of people to whom consumer gifts /shares the bottle.

Artificial Intelligence (AI),Big Data & Analytics,Consumer Apps,IT Operations,Blockchain,Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR),Internet of Things (IoT),GamingTech,RetailTech,GreenTech/CleanTech,LogisticsTech,FoodTech
Consumer Packaged Goods
Eligibility Criteria
1. Showcasing the wow experience seamlessly ; 2. Element of personalization brought alive; 3. Basic backend; 4. Capability to handle 1k simultaneous users (Peak)