Screening & Shortlisting for Technical Hiring

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About Challenge:

A large U.K.-based Financial Services is looking to transform how we identify and hire talent at a fast pace, in an unbiased manner, and without compromising the quality. We are looking for solutions which can : 1. Do Scoring of resumes against a Job description – This will help us to prioritize the screening process for candidates whose resume fits best against the job description. 2. Robo headhunt the right candidate from the job market for specific needs – This would remove dependency to source CVs and widen the reach for talent across the market. 3. Assess candidates on data points around their cognitive, cultural, and emotional attributes. The above-mentioned solutions should be user friendly, cognitive and should have an ability to produce intuitive visualization throughout the talent hiring process.

Financial Services,IT & ITES
Eligibility Criteria
1. Should at least have 1 live implementation of the solution/product for a large enterprise. 2. Your organisation should have a complete profile registered with GrowthEnabler.