Pricing Benchmark for Vendor Pricing

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About Challenge:

Diageo India has more than 35 manufacturing plants run by Third-party Manufacturing Units (TMU). They are looking for an innovative solution to create a cost benchmarking of their TMUs. Through this solution, Diageo wants to establish an industry-standard pricing benchmark system that can create an automated assessment of data points associated with the pricing of the TMUs and Leased Manufacturing Units (LMUs) spread across over 25 states each having different statutory requirements and cost components. This solution should act as a repository of the cost benchmark of all the vendors and provide analytics to plan for fluctuating costs in the future. Diageo should be able to see the cost impact on changes in capacity, inflation, return on investment of TMU partner, depreciation, manpower, labor cost, machine efficiency, regulatory requirements, etc. The solution should provide benchmarking for each cost component and overall cost to Diageo. It's a paid POC.

Consumer Packaged Goods,Manufacturing
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