Video surveillance for onsite Paint Monitoring Dulux Paints[AkzoNobel]

About Challenge:

AkzoNobel is one of the world’s largest paint companies, and the makers of DULUX PAINT. They are looking for Time, Labour, and Material Management solutions to overcome the Mistrust & lack of Transparency homeowners have with regards to actual material purchased vs materials consumed (quantity), price at which it was purchased (price), specifications of products (quality), timeliness of project, and actual labour hours. The objective is to find cross-purpose solutions [but are not limited to] that can capture images of materials to validate quality & quantity, verify market prices, image/video capture of labour’s working hours, nature of work, project progress, etc. Winners of this challenge can expect Customised Business Agreements including Partnerships, Collaborations, PAID POC’s, and participation in AkzoNobel’s Accelerator program.

Artificial Intelligence (AI),Blockchain,Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR),Internet of Things (IoT),D2C
Consumer Packaged Goods
Eligibility Criteria
Startup must be in Post-Ideation Stage