Brand Identification on Bottle for Diageo: Packaging Innovation

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Diageo India is inviting startups & innovative companies offering Brand Identification Solutions. They should prevent the refill, reuse, and remake of Diageo products. The proposed unique identifier should prevent replication of bottles, rather than just detect unauthorised bottles. The solutions should be Overt [visible to customers] & Physical to allow consumers to distinctly identify genuine Diageo products from spurious liquor. Preference will be given to solutions that provide unique customer experiences. Diageo is also open to customized solutions and solutions that are a combination of 2 or more technologies. Solutions such as Printing, Etching, Holograms, and other forms of unique identification on the caps, labels, etc. that are difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to replicate are welcome to apply.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Eligibility Criteria